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Tactical Communication & CPTED


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The staff of a municipally owned public facility in Penticton was having trouble dealing with members of the public who were not following the rules during their visits. The client wanted to give their staff the proper communication tools and training to deal with the individuals in an effective and non-threatening way, while generating voluntary compliance. They were very concerned about the possibility for violence, verbal harassment, and unpredictable behaviour caused by mood-altering substances.

Al’s training and certification in Tactical Communications was invaluable to this project, as he was able to develop a customized workshop for the staff and has delivered it annually for both new and continuing staff. The workshop includes a great balance of theory and practice, with the staff getting lots of opportunity to engage in scenario training to help them implement the tools in the workplace. In addition, Al used his Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training to complete a review of the physical space and make several recommendations to enhance their physical security and ensure the safety of staff and their belongings.

Staff have all indicated an increased comfort level & confidence when dealing with difficult individuals, by using tools and techniques learned in the workshop to help them generate voluntary compliance.

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Tactical Communications

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