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Pandemic Response Plan – Winery / Retail


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An established, family owned, winery in the South Okanagan approached Al for assistance regarding the implementation of their COVID-19 worksite safety plan. Their issue was that they have a very small tasting room, with limited ability to direct pedestrian traffic flow; and they were dealing with patrons displaying resistance to adhering to their COVID-19 protocols. They wanted Al’s help to develop the tools to deal with difficult people, getting compliance to their rules while maintaining positive customer relationships. They also wanted input regarding the optimal patron traffic flow to ensure safety for patrons and staff alike.

Al conducted an informal workshop with the team including communication tools and techniques, review of the trespass laws for private property, the five-step voluntary compliance tool (Ask, Set the Context, Present Options, Confirm, Act), and scenario practice; followed by an intensive Q & A session so that each member of the team could ask their individual questions and get the information they needed to feel comfortable continuing to work in this public facing environment.

The staff developed confidence and a team game plan to implement going forward; and during repeated visits (because Al really loves their wine) we’ve observed their calm and inviting professionalism – used to ensure everyone has a great time and stays safe!

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