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Oilfield Service Company – Transportation Safety


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Al led a team of safety administrators in the Alberta oilfield service environment for three years, managing all aspects of health and safety for a group of four enterprises which included manufacturing, equipment rentals, vacuum and water trucks, and hydrovacs. The workforce ranged from a low of 75 in the “off-season” to a high of 300+ and was deployed all over Western Canada. The client required both an overarching program for the group and individualized policies, procedures and processes for each of the companies; all the while ensuring a very practical approach to meeting regulatory and customer requirements.

In addition to developing, implementing and evaluating the safety program, Al’s specific accomplishments during this assignment included the following. Conducted comprehensive in-person and virtual incident investigations, prepared reports, determined effectiveness and/or need for revision to policies and procedures, and identified trends and developed measures to prevent recurrences. Developed drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures as well as relationships with different testing companies, interpreted customer testing requirements, and managed all aspects of the drug and alcohol testing program to ensure customer and regulatory compliance. Managed return to work / modified work programs for injured workers, including continuous liaison with workers compensation programs across four provinces. Directed a comprehensive in-house orientation and training program; and training through 3rd parties including H2S, First Aid, Mask FIT Testing, Confined Space, Ground Disturbance, Bonding Mat, Pipeline Construction Safety Training, Petroleum Safety Training, Construction Safety Training Systems, Fall Arrest. Built a cohesive safety document management system, and used the system to successfully respond to customer and regulatory audits and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Oversaw a complete transportation safety system for a fleet of 100+ commercial vehicles registered to work interprovincially and governed by both federal and provincial regulatory bodies; including logs, hours of service, permits, vehicle inspections/pre-trips, and weights/dimensions/load securement.

During Al’s tenure with the group the safety program achieved and maintained all standards required by both regulators and customers, in a rapidly changing and demanding environment.

Services Used:

facilitation and training

Facilitation and Training

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