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Nightclub – physical security and safety



A luxury Edmonton nightclub asked Al for help to deal with unwanted activity in their parking lot and on their front steps, which happened at night while they were open for business. The initial assignment developed into a full assessment of their physical safety and security environment and protocols. The nightclub welcomed 250+ patrons per night, served by 10-20 staff and management; and were facing a premium surcharge by their insurance company if they could not demonstrate an improvement to their risk management program. In addition, they wanted to make sure that their protocols matched the municipal requirements for a well-managed premises accreditation program.

Al completed a physical security assessment of the premises and exterior location, conducted interview with key staff, reviewed the insurance company correspondence, and liaised with the accreditation inspector to develop a comprehensive operations manual which covered all of the necessary components and included cross references to the accreditation guidelines. In addition, Al provides tactical communications training to the staff, tailored to a nightclub environment, so that they could quickly and effectively de-escalate any potential volatile situations. The client was successful in limiting their insurance premium surcharge as a direct result of Al’s work and staff reported feeling much more confident when dealing with difficult / unwanted behaviours.

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