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An initial assignment to conduct Joint Health and Safety Committee training for a premier new Okanagan winery developed into a project to create a comprehensive health and safety program. The program covers 3 separate vineyards, production and bottling facilities, as well as restaurant and retail operations; and the facility is run by a team of 40+ staff.

Al worked with department heads from HR/Admin, Field Operations, Maintenance, Restaurant & Retail, and Winemaking/Production over a period of six months to develop a program from the ground up to meet the diverse needs of all areas. The team brought a significant amount of health and safety knowledge from previous positions, and wanted to use this to develop a program specific to the new enterprise; Al engaged in many interviews, meetings, and conversations to capture their knowledge and requirements, and complemented this with research into regulatory requirements and industry best practices to create their program. Al’s 25-year career at the University of Alberta was invaluable to this project; as he used his experience working with many faculties, departments and committees to keep the project on track.

The client was extremely pleased that the input from all departments was solicited and included in the program, and are now working on full implementation.

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